Clay Bricks Ltd

Established in 2000, this family owned business manufactures bricks using clays sourced from the local area.

With the installation of the latest kiln and dryer technology, Clay Bricks will expand their range of bricks and will have future focused flexibility and sustainability of both traditional and contemporary styles.

About Bricks


  • Bricks are a natural product, once fired their colour is permanent.
  • Due to their natural variation in colour, finish and size, it is recommended that the bricklayer blends bricks of multiple pallets to achieve overall consistency.
  • Mortar colour and mortar join style can define or soften the brick.


  • Bricks do not fade or emit toxins.
  • The brick cavity system allows airflow and reduces moisture in the home
  • Brick is durable, solid and provides a secure exterior
  • Maintenance is very low